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Interior Design Experience


All my experiences, personal and professional, were opportunities building a strong practice foundation. Each contributed to my creative tool box. Beyond building creative expertise, what I appreciate most is learning that every endeavor is about relationships. The many clients, designers, architects, engineers, builders, and fabricators with which I've worked, have taught me to recognize and appreciate how important integrity is to contributing to successful outcomes. 

Design Continuum, Inc.  |  Atlanta, Georgia  |  Architectural Designer and Drafts-person  |  hospitality, corporate

Image Design, Inc.  |  Atlanta, Georgia  |  Vice President & Project Director  |  hospitality (hotels, resorts), retail, residential, healthcare, corporate

Hillsman and Associates, Inc.  |  Atlanta, Georgia  |  Director of Operations & Project Director |  GSA, education, financial, retail, corporate

Metropolitan Design Group, Inc.  |  Marietta, Georgia  |  Principal  |  retail

Gensler  |  Atlanta, Georgia  |  Consultant  |  corporate banking

Lincoln Property Company  |  Commercial Division  |  Atlanta, Georgia  |  Interior Design Consultant  |  NationsBank Account  

MB Wiley Interior Design  |  Northampton, Massachusetts  |  Consultant  |  retail

University of Massachusetts  |  Amherst, Massachusetts  |  Department of Housing Services  | Facilities Interior Designer


The puzzle life presents, over time inevitably sorts itself out. This is how I feel looking back wondering what was at play spending equal time practicing and teaching. Although graduate school was a formal introduction to research and teaching, I naturally possessed a teaching impulse I could never deny. In the day-to-day as a practitioner, I encouraged those in my charge to strengthen and explore their creative potential. I appreciate now that every life transaction is opportunity for learning and growing. 

The University of Tennessee  |  School of Interior Design  |  College of Architecture + Design  |  Knoxville, Tennessee  |  Adjunct Assistant Professor, previously Associate Professor

Engaged in teaching, research and service; courses taught: first year architecture studio, interior design studios, materials and resources, lighting design, environmental psychology, interior design practicum, contemporary interior design history, history & theory of decorative arts, independent study and special topics; research area: healing and work environments.

The University of Oklahoma  |  Interior Design Division  |  College of Architecture  |  Norman, Oklahoma  |  Associate Professor

Engaged in teaching, research and service; courses taught: interior design studios (1st, 3rd, 4th years), materials and specifications, furniture design, professional practice; research areas: design psychology, furniture design, and working environments.

American InterContinental University  |  Interior Design Department  |  Atlanta, Georgia  |  Full-time Instructor, Interim Program Chair, Adjunct Instructor

Courses taught: commercial design studios, architectural drawing, space planning, materials and resources, design principles

Brenau University  |  College of Fine Arts and Humanities  |  Department of Interior Design  |  Gainesville, Georgia

Taught architectural drawing/working drawings studio

University of Massachusetts  |  College of Humanities and Fine Arts  |  Art Department  |  Interior Design Program  |  Amherst, Massachusetts  |  Adjunct Instructor

Taught architectural drawing; guest lecturer